EISA 2007-2008

28 09 2007

Ecco, divisi per categorie, i migliori prodotti (a ovvio parere della European Imaging and Sound Association) di quest’anno, con allegato il breve commento originale pubblicato sul sito ufficiale (ovviamente in lingua inglese):


Alpine’s CDA-9887R is a technologically advanced, well featured, high quality but affordable audio head-unit. Its Advanced Audyssey MultEQ XT equalizer, with 500 correction points and IMPRINT technology, can optimise sound reproduction to specific vehicle listening environments much more precisely than has been possible before. It includes a 24bit DAC, digital 6-channel time correction and adjustable 2- or 3-way crossover; and parameters can either be adjusted automatically or fine-tuned manually. Other features include full-speed iPod and Bluetooth connections, 4 Volt preamp outputs and a Biolite display. The Alpine CDA-9887R is an excellent way to get the best possible sound in any system without spending a fortune.



The double-DIN format solved the challenge of combining essential audio and video components within a single chassis body, and operating them with a large LCD screen. The next challenge has been achieving equally high quality in audio and video components – and Clarion has unquestionably risen to the challenge with the MAX678RVD. Audio quality is impressive from conventional CD and DVD video, thanks to a multibit D/A converter. The large LCD screen is a rare combination of high resolution, brightness, contrast and realistic colour reproduction. Excellent ergonomics and a stylish design – so hard to achieve with such confined space around the screen – make this a hands-down winner.



Inside and out, the Steg K2|02 has been designed to maximize power, styling and sound quality. This hefty amplifier relies on an oversized, stabilized power supply, which maintains the same power output irrespective of voltage conditions. The crossover section employs adjustment modules for precision cutoff, and an external control for easy adjustment. There’s even a special PC connection option to monitor a wide range of data, starting from the serial number and name of owner, and ending up at a log of internal events like power supply voltage levels and protection activations. The Steg K2|02 offers an unbeatable combination of classic circuitry with high technology in a most impressive package.



JBL’s 660 GTi woofer offers extreme power handling, amazingly low distortion and traditional parameters of excellence in sound quality. Every aspect of woofer performance has been carefully tuned to avoid any mechanical distortion, and with a 2-inch extra-large voice coil, power handling is awesome. Tweeter dispersion is carefully tailored by a wave guide at frequencies near to crossover, countering traditional problems with driver dispersion differences. The crossover itself uses only the finest components, and permits tweeter use with and without the waveguide, as well as level adjustment for perfect matching with the woofer. JBL’s GTi660 is a true high-end speaker for music on the move.



This product has it all: refined looks, revolutionary technology and unrivalled performance, all squeezed into a 10-inch bass driver. Hertz engineers developed a unique V-cone geometry for midwoofers, then found a way to use the same innovation – and others besides – in a subwoofer for a completely different purpose. The end result is a drive-unit with high power handling and unprecedented stability, performing perfectly in unbelievably compact enclosures. When you consider the audiophile-flat response, high sound pressure level capability with low distortion, haute couture looks and a jewellery-grade finish, you will have to agree: this product has it all!



Incredible though it may seem, within the single-DIN chassis of JVC’s KD-NX5000 cohabits a complete audio and video head unit and a latest-generation hard-disk-based navigation system. Out front there’s a 3.5” widescreen active TFT, used to display head unit status info, video from the internal DVD player and maps from the navi system, which stores data for 21 countries, 1.3 million Points of Interest and loads of other road data in 16GB of the 40GB internal disk. That, of course, leaves 24GB to store music in high-quality lossless or data-reduced formats. The Hard Disk navigation technology is fast and accurate, and operates even during DVD or CD playback.



Big is beautiful in the case of Sony’s NV-U92T navigation system. Its high-quality 4.8 inch touchscreen is a stylish and easy-to-read wide display that can provide a lot of information in an extremely clear way. This high specialized system serves as an incredibly reliable pathfinder. It calculates the best routes throughout almost all of Europe, and guides travelers to their destinations with amazing precision. Even in poor GPS reception conditions, for instance in tunnels, the Sony still leads the way. Its Position Plus System, with acceleration and air pressure sensors, even recognizes speed and direction changes to stay constantly informed of where you are and how fast you are moving.



With its stylish face plate, high resolution display and ergonomic controls, Alpine’s iDA-X001 provides a glimpse of what a head unit might evolve into in the near future. Though it lacks its own disc drive, the iDA-X001 is optimised to connect with all portable sources of digital media, via iPod direct connection, USB or Bluetooth. Inside the unit are found the highest quality components, including a 24bit D/A converter that can be fully controlled with a wide range of options. The iDA-X001 is a highly innovative and courageous development from Alpine – as its model number suggests, it’s the first in a new generation of in car products!




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28 09 2007

Io non voglio dire niente nè polemizzare, ma premiare come “innovazione europea” dell’anno una sorgente SENZA CD, SENZA OTTICA, SENZA NIENTE, CON SOLO UNA PORTA USB E UNA I-POD, mi sembra un tantino eccessivo.

Come novità, può anche starci, nulla da dire, ma venire a raccontarmi che in quest’anno non sia stato prodotto nessun altro componente “innovativo”, è davvero troppo…

Sappiamo benissimo tutti che senza poter contare su ALMENO un supporto digitale come il CD, sia impossibile pensare lonatanamente di avvicinarci all’Alta Fedeltà; e allora di cosa stiamo parlando? Se neanche questa gente qua sa come stanno le cose, come possono stilare un elenco del genere e dichiarare quale sia il non-plus-ultra del car stereo…?

18 10 2014
xe o to mercedes-benz

xe o to mercedes-benz

EISA 2007-2008 | Officine Acustiche Car Audio Brescia

21 10 2014
xe mercedes-benz sls amg

xe mercedes-benz sls amg

EISA 2007-2008 | Officine Acustiche Car Audio Brescia


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